Assignment 4: Podcast1 Script
Quinnisha Marion
March 17, 2013

Thank you for tuning into the University of West Georgia Podcast Channel. I am your host Quinnisha Marion. Tonight we will be looking at the key ideas and thoughts of the intergration of the Apple iPad in classroom technology. A bit of background information about my experience with the Apple iPad is as follows.
Weeks leading up to the release of the Apple’s iPad, I waivered back and forth between whether to purchase the Wi-Fi- Only vs. the 3g Model. I went over the specs of each product and have saved money and began thinking about ways I was going to use my iPad in the classroom. I was filled with excitement. I remember rushing from my job to stand in line so I can get my hands on the iPad 2 on March 11, 2011. I had high hopes for my iPad. After waiting for over three hours, I finally was able to purchase my iPad 2, which wasn’t the model I originally wanted.
It felt like Christmas morning when I returned to my apartment to open the latest member of the Apple family. I had hopes for my iPad it was more than my entertainment hub it was going to enhance my classroom instruction and management. At the time, my school was using Edline so I planned to use it to input grades.. Wrong… I wanted to use it to enhance instruction… Wrong… The only thing the iPad was good for in my class that year was research and Study Island. In a way, I felt that this purchased failed me. I contacted Edline for possible release dates for an application no help and I couldn’t use it to take role in my classroom because the system only recognized window-based research.
Fast forward three years later…. New State.. New School… My iPad and the iPad carts available at my school has opened up a hub information for my students with disabilities. Whether it is composing poetry, researching, or brainstorming ideas for an essay, my students are able to use the iPads to work at their own pace. I am able to mirror the same application on my iPad, which allows me to show and tell my students the directions. The iPad is posed to change and enhance the current educational landscape. With textbooks integrated with podcast and links to additional information and dictionaries or the influx in a variety of educational based applications, the iPad and its new counter part the mini can place information in students hands in seconds. This game changer can improve student achievement and give teachers the opportunity to differentiate instruction.